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About Circumfusion

What is Circumfusion?

It is an Industrial Networking Site that connects all the industries with all the other relevant industries regardless of manufacturing and service.

Why Circumfusion or why networking of industries?

For several decades, industries (both manufacturing and service) have been employing the same techniques as far as sourcing the right suppliers, selling and marketing (promoting) their products and services to the other industries are concerned albeit the development of information technology. Industries are still spending a lot of money and time in the above mentioned departments/functional areas (purchase/sourcing/vendor development and Marketing/Sales) by practising the same old methods. In order to provide with the simpler and effective methods for sourcing and sales/marketing, a virtual market place where the industries could be networked with the other relevant industries, circumfusion is born.

How Circumfusion helps in networking the industries?

Industries belonging to both manufacturing and service sectors have to register with circumfusion in order to get connected with their potential suppliers and potential customers for Sourcing (Purchase) and Sales/Marketing respectively. Based on the details the industries would provide while registering with circumfusion and the completion of their profiles will make them get connected with the other industries that are totally relevant to them.

Circumfusion will provide an excellent environment for the industries to market their products/services only to their target customers (potential customers), which is far more effective than putting up a stall in an industrial expo - Circumfusion will act like a Commercial Forum for the industries to carry out marketing and promotional activities. Similarly, Circumfusion will help the sourcing team (purchase) in identifying the right suppliers (both services and industrial products and Tier-1 suppliers for the OEMs) by eliminating the unnecessary phone calls, visits, and time consumption rates.

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